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Maintaining the health and beauty of your Pittsburgh, PA trees requires regular tree spraying to get rid of threatening pests. Our Pittsburgh tree services professionals can make tree spraying a low-cost routine that keeps your commercial or residential property green all year long! With many years of specialized training, our tree pros know just the right degree of protection needed for your trees to experience a long lifespan.

These are just some of the benefits to having your trees sprayed regularly:

  • Keep Parasites Controlled: Your trees are vulnerable to the many insects and fungi that inhabit Pittsburgh foliage. A routine tree spraying kills them all for full protection.
  • Healthy Growth: Our tree spraying experts can also aid in the healthy growth of your tree. Along with tree pruning, we can keep your tree’s growth from being stunted and also prevent overgrowth.
  • Longer Life: Regular tree spraying treatment makes your trees live longer and produce more flowers and fruit. It’s the best solution for keeping your trees looking and feeling their best.

Our tree spraying company is fully licensed and insured and use eco-friendly sprays for optimal efficiency and safety. Having serviced the Pittsburgh, PA community for years, we guarantee that you’ll get the best quality service at affordable prices!

Holistic Tree Spraying Services in Pittsburgh

Tree spraying isn’t the only routine treatment that can improve the look of your commercial or residential property. When you combine other tree care services, you’ll see your trees go from lackluster to vibrant! Our tree services professionals offer a variety of holistic tree care services in the Pittsburgh area:

And that’s just a sampling of our professional services! Our experts have years of experience that allows us to perfect just about every tree service you require! When it comes to tree spraying, we use eco-friendly chemicals at the right mixtures to ensure your trees are fully protected without affecting surrounding vegetation. This level of professionalism remains constant to any tree services we provide – that’s our customer service guarantee!

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Contact our Pittsburgh office today to find out more! We give our customers a no-risk, no-obligation quote on tree spraying and other services. E-mail us at pittsburgh@premieretreeservices.com or call us at (412) 259-3022.

Our services are available to property owners in the Pittsburgh metro area and in:

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